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 About Us  

​​​​​​​​​We've been riding our bicycles around Boise for over 40 years, it has always been our favorite past time and now it's our business. As Boise natives we have watched our relatively unknown city turn into the fastest growing place in the U.S. Although many things have changed over time, our passion for our hometown is greater than ever.

Bicycling for us has always been a cerebral exercise as well as a physical one. A great bike tour is a combination of transportation, recreation and education but most of all it's fun.

Isolated in the arid high desert at the base of the Rocky Mountains, Boise has prospered with a determination and optimism that continues today. The unique history of Boise and its people will surprise you, from a wild west army fort to a vibrant modern city, Boise has a fascinating story to tell. Boise's ambitious plans for the future are quickly becoming reality and it truly has something to offer everyone. Our bike tours guide you to the most recent attractions as well as historical landmarks of the past. 

At Boise Bicycle Tours we treat our customers like family or friends visiting from out of town. Our Boise tours are private and personalized for each of our guests. Take a relaxing ride with us and you will never feel rushed with no time to enjoy and explore, we are not your typical tour guides. When it comes to things to do in Boise Idaho we make the most of your time and your money.    

Join us for a couple hours on one of our comfortable beach cruisers for a bicycle tour that is guaranteed to be the highlight of your day.